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“In a continent where only 17M people have access to higher education, proving your skills is more important to employers than University Degrees.GVS


How it works

How it works

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ReadyforWork is for bright talents looking to thrive and do more with their lives in today's competitive world of work.

How it works

Learn by Doing

You'll get to solve real business problems for real companies, not made-up case studies with no accountability.

How it works

Get Instant Feedback

With every project delivered, you get employer feedback on improvement areas and peer-to-peer growth support.

How it works

Gain Direct Job Pipeline

Get the tools, services, and support you need to turbocharge your career with a fulfilling job, not just a certificate.

Learn the skills that will be most valuable to employers in the future.

Financial Analysis

Money will continue to change form as we see in today's evolution of Cryptocurrencies. But we can never task out a medium of exchange from our everyday life. Every day, people are making big or small financial decisions. Financial Analysts will continue to be well-paid and in demand.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing jobs were already spiking before the pandemic. With the disruptions in global trade, digital marketing is now among the most in-demand careers. Companies are desperately looking for ways and means of winning the competition for the consumer's eyeballs.


Companies, big or small, need UX/UI designers to help bring coherence to their brands. As industries continue to converge with the spike in technological innovation, businesses rely heavily on informed product design to win consumer loyalty and lower their marketing budget.

Data Science

Ask anybody who knows what they're saying, and they'll tell you that our world revolves around data. Data-driven decision-making is the ultimate competitive advantage for businesses and governments worldwide. Data Science provides lucrative career opportunities for learners.

Software Engineering

Software development jobs have a promising career outlook for the next ten years, with estimated growth of 9% to 21% in Africa. ReadyforWork helps you develop essential software engineering skills with real projects and launch your career in high-growth markets.

We’re setting the pace in skills development in Africa

Market-aligned curriculum

Market-aligned curriculum

Our interactive platform makes learning fun and practical, not dull and theoretical. Industry experts create our course content, and they’ll hand-hold you throughout your learning journey.

Direct job pipeline

Direct job pipeline

Don’t look for a job; level up and let your dream job find you. Not all training is designed equal. ReadyforWork helps you learn skills that matter and gives you tools to find high-paying jobs.

Personalized framework

Personalized framework

One-size-fits-all education is not for this generation. Get tailored materials that meet your career needs where you are and track your progress with actual data.

Global community

Global community

We understand that growing one’s career largely depends on having the right kind of network, so we immerse our students in a top-tier community that makes magic happen!

African Digital Skills

Africa's digital skills challenges translate to a one hundred and thirty billion dollar market opportunity, IFC Africa says.

Success-Based Pricing

Zero upfront tuition fee. You pay when you land a job or it's free for life.

Tuition fee


Learn in-demand digital skills at zero upfront tuition.

Weekly progress reports personalized to each learner.

Access to real projects and custom learning paths.

Uninhibited access to our interactive course framework.

Lifetime access to SFAN network and platforms.

Access to an exclusive community of peers across industries.

Dedicated coach support throughout your learning journey.

Custom resume at program completion and ongoing career support.

A verified certificate upon successful graduation from the program.

Our Impact

We help job seekers become minimally viable for their dream jobs while helping early-career talents upskill and thrive.

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Dolly Kpobi,

UX/UI Designer

"I will describe my ReadyforWork experience as impactful. As a recent graduate trying to navigate the job space, I've received the confidence boost I needed from the ReadyforWork digital career accelerator. I highly recommend ReadyforWork to individuals trying to find their feet in the job space."

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Girard Boakye-Yiadom,

Digital Marketer

"ReadyforWork cohort 4 has been a good experience and very insightful. I learned many things I didn't know that I thought I knew initially. I highly recommend this program to anyone who seeks a career in the digital space"

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Theophilus Asamoah,

UX/UI Designer

"My experience at ReadyforWork was fantastic because I have "information without labels" that I've accumulated. But with ReadyforWork, they've been able to organize that information into the right categories for me. So I recommend ReadyforWork."

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Diana Osei,

UX/UI Researcher

"INVIGORATING! That is how I will sum up my ReadyforWork digital career accelerator program experience. Through the coaching sessions, curriculum and deliverables, I gained confidence in my ability to provide strategic direction for a company's products and services from a User Experience point of view."

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Kezia O. Owusu-Ankomah,

Digital Marketer

"I wish I was 18 when I saw ReadyforWork digital career accelerator. I've been in the media and arts industry for 12 years. I developed a new interest in digital marketing. And the best platform I found was ReadyforWork. I learned to believe in myself. I also learned how to use design thinking to drive innovation and essential social media marketing skills to drive sales, enhance audience engagement and build a community around a brand."

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Prince Dogbe,

Analyst, GFA Consulting

"SFAN gave me the greatest opportunity of my life so far, and that is my current job as a Senior Analyst at the Financial Advisory unit of GFA Consulting Ltd. I am grateful to the SFAN team for the ReadyforWork program and will happily recommend it to all."

Hack 10yrs off your career journey and get faster results, without the brutal trial and errors of job hunting.

If you aren't gaining enough traction in your work, it's because youdon't have the right coach to help you navigate the maze.

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Kaycey Ogbonna

CEO at Tika Group Ltd.

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Jamila Meischke

Writer and Journalist

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Carl Manlan

Social Impact Director, Visa

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Tracy Kyei

Marketing Manager, Samsung

Building your career has a lot to do with who, not what, you know. We built the ReadyforWork platform to help you gain both hands-on experience and connect with the best and brightest thinkers who can help you get to your career destinations - faster and more harmoniously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process like?

First, you must choose your track and apply here on the ReadyforWork website. You are advised to set a block of time for the assessment, which takes about 60 minutes. We will invite you for an onboarding interview if you pass the summative assessment. If you live in Ghana, that'll be a face-to-face interview. If you live outside of Ghana, you can join via Zoom. After the interview, you will receive our final selection decision.

If I'm selected, what should I expect?

Being selected to join ReadyforWork means you will be solving real business challenges. The program is intensive, so you need to plan to commit at least 15 hours weekly to your coursework. You will also need a laptop and stable internet. However, you can always come to our campus and learn from the digital classroom.

If I'm not selected, can I reapply in the future?

Yes, you can definitely reapply. We review applications for candidates' suitability for our program, so we often accept <1% of applicants per cohort.

How long does the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator last?

Cumulatively, the RFWCA program lasts for six weeks. After the six weeks of intensive career coaching bootcamp, we open up the platform for our employer partners to connect with leaders that meet their criteria for jobs, internships, contract gigs, etc.

Will I get a job after participating in the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator?

We partner with corporates and high-growth startups to curate the RFW accelerator. After the six-week intensive bootcamp, our industry partners provide RFW leaders with paid internship,job or apprentice opportunities. While we provide these opportunities to all ReadyforWork leaders, we can not guarantee who gets a slot, as the program is competitive and merit-based.

How much does the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator program cost?

The total cost of participating in the RFWCA is ¢2,500. This fee is payable upon securing a job placement. Even at that, we also have payment plans to ensure that reimbursement is not a burden on your earning. If a candidate does not secure a job interview within six months of graduating from RFW, then it's free for life.

Who can apply to participate in the ReadyforWork Career Accelerator?

The program is open to high potential University graduates, entry-level job seekers, early-stage career professionals, and folks looking to either change jobs or re-enter the workforce. If you are still in school and wish to join ReadyforWork, you must already be at the tail end of your degree course and available to commit to the program.

Will I get a certificate after the program?

Most definitely! Leaders that finish the program successfully will receive a certificate of completion and a complementary graphic resume. It is important to note that leaders could be expelled if they breach the RFW Code of Conduct or Privacy Policy. Please only apply if you see the program’s value and are ready to abide by our simple policies.
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ReadyforWork is an immersive career accelerator that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help entry-level job seekers upskill and future-proof their careers with in-demand digital skills and give businesses access to diverse, less-expensive emerging talent pipeline.

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